Name: Ulysses “MONSTER” Diaz
City of Origen: Miami
Age: 38
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 190
Division: Welterweight/Middleweight
Throw Style: Boxing
Leagues: Titan/ National Boxing Association Cruiserweight Title holder/ Bare Knuckle FC fighter

What Went Wrong, MADE RIGHT, The Redemption OF Ulysses Diaz 

BY Sharky Gomez 

Like a tiger sprung out of a cage, this one time “callejero,” transformed his worst tendency into his best advocacy. Some thought that for Ulysses Diaz , it would be impossible to ever amount to anything due to his constant brawling. But making the impossible come true, Ulysses, or “Uly” has released his energies into the ring creating the ultimate fighting “Monster.” Now reformed, more motivated than ever, “Uly Monster” is gaining a lot of national attention regarding his more than impressive stats as a professional fighter: Pro Boxer 12 – 1 (11 KO’s) , MMA 1- 0 (1 KO), and Bare Knuckle Fighting 1-0 (1 KO). Known for his intensity in the ring, he has gotten a lot of local media attention on the 305 Miami Dade Area not only for his talent in the ring, but also his generosity in giving back to the community. 

SHARKY: Please give a quick bio about yourself, your background, how you got into fighting?

ULY: I was born and raised in Miami, I got into a lot of trouble fighting on the street. But I changed my life around and now I’m getting paid to do what I love!

SHARKY: You are originally from Miami, what part?

ULY: Miami native. South Miami born & Raised.

SHARKY: How were you able to bounce back from street life?

ULY: It took me a while, but I was able to turn my life from the streets into something positive through fighting. It’s allowed me to talk to troubled youth & show them through my actions that anything is possible

SHARKY: What has been the most gratifying moment of your career thus far as a fighter?

ULY: Most gratifying moment for me as a professional fighter has been being able to go back to the juvenile detention center, where I once was as a kid and to tell them my story & give them a little hope. Be an influence how there is always hope, how anybody can turn their life around. 

SHARKY: Why did you cross-over to the UFC?

ULY: I love fighting, all styles. Boxing is my first live but I want to try as many styles as I can competitively. Mixing it up is great, that is how I always fought. 

SHARKY: If you could fight one opponent in the Octagon, who would it be?

ULY: If I can fight anyone in any sport I’d live it to be either a legend in the sport or someone on the rise. To leave my mark in the history book.

SHARKY: Who has been the biggest inspiration in your life?

ULY: My biggest inspiration has been my kids.

SHARKY: Why is it important to have faith in God in your life?

ULY: I’m not religious but I am spiritual & I feel a personal connection to GOD, he’s gotten me this far in life so I know anything is possible.

SHARKY: Typical workout? 

ULY: A typical workout for me consists of 10-12 rounds of boxing workouts,  crunches, pushups, 1 mile run, jump rope & finish with stretching, then maybe vomit ! Lol 

SHARKY: Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 

ULY: In 5 years I see myself as part of a Fight organization, as a Boxing World Champion & Bare Knuckle World Champion… And continuing to work with the community. 

SHARKY: Favorite post fight food? 

ULY: My favorite post fight meal is a nice steak with rice & beans & cookies!!

SHARKY: Upcoming projects? Community stuff?

ULY: I’ll be helping feed the homeless in 3 weeks. Keep an eye out for the posts on social media, I love giving back. 

SHARKY: Where can people follow you? 

ULY: My social media platform is @uly_monster & @monsterbrandglobal Instagram. I want to send a shout out to my management team Game Time management, my coach Orlando Cuellar a.k.a. Commander zero and to my family and friends that have my back and push me towards the top. 

-Never Surrender