Full Name: David Morin
D.O.B: 10/9/74
Sport: former Pro skateboarder, Physique Transformer
Age: 45
Height: 6ft 2
Weight: 210
Profession: Inventor, endorsed athlete, entrepreneur, Corp wellness speaker
City: Miami

“Tradition, Trees, and the Path … Are The Only Authentic Way To The True Self” 

By Kit Sanderson 

KIT: David, I know you have been through a lot during your lifetime. But for our new readers, please tell us a little bit about yourself, some of the excruciating obstacles you have overcome…

DM: At the age of five I was sexually molested by my best friend who is 10, This happened over a two-year period. One out of every seven boys have experienced some type of adolescent molestation.

At the age of 19 while taking a trip to South Florida I was incarcerated on the charge of possession of marijuana and spent one week in jail, that’s where I learned about the prisons for profit corporate privately owned prison system.

At the age of 20 I was offered a full sponsorship to ride skateboards professionally for outlook skateboards out of Virginia Beach Virginia, unfortunately I was unable to pursue this dream because of a broken ankle In mounting financial pressures from my spouse at the time pregnancy.

At the age of 27, my marriage ended in a painful divorce in which both my sons were taken from me and moved to another state.

At the age of 35 I was in another long-term monogamous relationship that resulted in the birth of twin daughters, this also resulted in a split and thankfully didn’t turn out the same as a situation with my sons.

At the age of 39 I suffered a pulmonary embolism that resulted from a pre-existing non-diagnosed atrial myxoma (heart tumor) I was in a coma, on a ventilator for five days and at 3 AM on October 9 my birthday I extubated myself off of the ventilator and regained consciousness.

KIT: Please elaborate a little when you say that “Tradition, Trees, and the Path… Are The Only Authentic Way To The True Self”.   

DM: The expression be true to yourself is overused, and because of this the mass consciousness understands true as false. What’s strong is heated in today’s world, what week is celebrated in today’s world. What is true and authentic about a person has nothing to do with the way they think, their style, their name, the music they listen to, the language they speak or any pre-existing label that’s Ascribed to an individuals identity. What’s authentic is what’s preeminent, what’s natural. There are two types of people in the world, producers and consumers, if you find in yourself an idea “where did that idea come from? Did you truly come from you, Or was it something that you just rearranged from pre-existing parts?”  What’s authentic is the body, which true are the feelings when you’re connected to the felt presence of the direct experience. Nature is your guide, the tree is your teacher in the path is within you, waiting for you to continue.

KIT:  In your own words, what is the “Impulse” of being alive? 

DM: Life is an ever expanding organized self-sustaining and self-aware community. The impulse of life is generated in my opinion from two factors, the first factor is sensory perception, how you interpret your experiences in your environment, is it dangerous or is it irrational fear That you react to? The other impulse is self-preservation and procreation every single facet of you as a human being is geared towards these two things preserving this off and pushing the genetic information of the individual self forward into the time space continuum that we called the future.

KIT: How does this impulse relate to fitness and training? 

DM: Well, endorphins are natural drugs that make you feel real fucking good, you don’t need to shoot it you don’t need to snort it you just need to work for it. The human organism is uniquely chemically designed to get a sense of satisfaction and happiness from hard work, training is just an extension of that physiological fact knowing that the body doesn’t differentiate between the types of resistance is it faces and seeks to overcome, the body only understands the challenges in the adaptations to these resistance is create a more perfect union between body and mind.

KIT: What were your first words you remember when you came back from a 5 day coma?

DM: When I woke for my coma I was joined by my ex-girlfriend who was not a Christian but now is, she spoke her testimony to me and it was this. Her and I went to Brazil she was given a Christ necklace that was to remain around her neck and when it fell off on its own she was to say a prayer. Three years after the purchase of that necklace in Brazil she found herself praying for the first time since she was a child over my body as I lay in a coma. When she opened her eyes the necklace had fallen on her arms, these were the first words that I heard when I came back from the dead. God does indeed work in mysterious ways, and the souls that seek love and peace are always used by God to bring lost souls back to the whole.

KIT: How many kids do you have? How do you juggle family with your career? 

DM: I have four children, two boys and two girls. My oldest son whom I pulled from the womb myself proudly is in the United States Navy, my second son Jacob is an accomplished artist and well on his way to creating his fantastic life. My daughters are twins and they attend Palm Beach County schools and are currently enrolled in basketball, taekwondo, and ballet. The best advice that I can give as a parent after 23 years of raising children is that you have to lead by example, you have to listen very closely, and you have to use Tough Love in equal measure to Soft Love. Help them understand the line between compassion and accountability.

KIT: You said you have a tumor in your heart, does that scare you?

DM: Hell yeah, sometimes when I’m training really hard I can feel it rattling around inside my heart and my heart goes a fib quite often, a fib describes when your heart skips a beat. After I was discharged from the hospital, I laid in bed not being able to sleep for fear that my heart would just give up. And in that week of sleeplessness, in those dark nights of wondering if I was going to die, I found the greatest courage in my life. People say all the time”I’m not afraid to die” – most of those people have nothing to lose, when you spent your entire life building family building business is creating happiness and harmony trust me you’re fucking afraid to die! Nobody, no genius, no academic no computer model, no algorithm can ever say with absolute certainty what will happen when you cross over. But what I said to myself that night as I laid in bed was this, I have come too far to lay in this bed like a coward. I came back here for a reason, God knows when my time will expire and by God if my heart is beating then I’m not beaten.

KIT: Tell us more about weed and mushrooms and Shamanism…

DM: The tradition of shamanism is specifically about a certain individual in a tribe that is part of a long lineage along family of individuals that have been the mediums between the spirit world and the earthly world. My experience with shamanism and psychedelic substances like Ayahuasca, Psilocybin Cubensis, LSD, Ketamine and cannabis is extensive. Based on my experience my personal belief is that plants not only provide us oxygen, not only provide us food and nutrition but they mediate through their chemistry the language of natures consciousness, whereas the human mind can experience the timeless integration of consciousness, preserved since the beginning of life on earth, mind preserved since the beginning of life on EARTH. It is an opportunity to cross examine who you believe yourself to be for your entire life with an older much wiser consciousness that is the database of all consciousness from all organisms, through every kingdom ,phylum, genus and species that is awake and aware on this earth.

KIT: In the west we have lost our way, how – what do you mean by this?

DM: Western imperialist powers had sought to exploit our perceived poverty to obtain great wealth for themselves. For every degree of separation from nature, mankind loses their essence and connection to the spirit. Hiding our skin from the sun, spending endless hours under artificial light, spending entire lifetimes in inner cities that are basically deserts. There is no separation between the mind in the environment, and in the western infinite growth economic paradigm the ecology can no longer support the existing economy. Change starts with us, valuing our values more than valuing possessions, taking a minimalist approach to lifestyle and redefining and more authentic terms what richness really is. One of my favorite quotes about this very subject is Bob Marley, “Possessions make you rich? I don’t have that type of richness, my richness is in life!”

KIT: How is fitness and bodybuilding the “impulse of being alive?”

DM: It’s pure adaptation, it’s a pure mental and physical space to observe your efforts manifest before your eyes.

KIT: How many magazine covers have you been on? Anything big coming up?

DM: I’ve been published in over 40 fitness magazines with covers In 27 countries. My instructional fitness work has appeared in publications over 150 times. I am proud of my body of work that represents fitness and teaching people how to perform exercise and achieve results.

KIT: What do you think of www.gaia.com or Bob Lazar?

DM: To be honest I think there’s good content to be found there but I don’t spend too much time consuming it because it’s still just a vague derivative of the source and the source is life. Having a YouTube channel called Gaia can be informative but if you really want a teacher, go to the beach and watch the sunrise. If you really want inspiration, listen to a waterfall. If you really want wisdom spend some time under a tree listening to the wind blow through the leaves. As far as Bob Lazar goes, who am I to question his story, do I believe in what probability states is absolute certainty about life outside of our planet? Absolutely, do I believe that the media would give us the accurate, honest perspective, history says otherwise.

KIT: Tell us a little about your product “Just Breath”

The name of the product is FLO2. It is an organic essential oil’s respiratory enhancement product that is antiviral and acts as a decongestant to open the sinus pathways and dilate the lungs for better performance. People are unaware but the human body excretes fat through breathing, that’s correct 80% of fat is excreted through respiration, if you can breathe better you can burn more fat, increase athletic performance, enhance mental clarity and recovery. The product is available at www.getflo2.com

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KIT: Do you meditate? How often, What time of day, how long, do you use music?

DM: Meditate all the time, I do it three times a day for 10 minutes. I sit still, back straight breathing the nose out the mouth tune out all distractions and tune in to my heartbeat in my breath. I smile and remember all of the things that I cherish in my life. I smile and I remember all the good memories of things that I’ve accomplished, I smile and I remember and breathe that energy through my body of gratitude As I remember those who have generously given their time and their kindness to my life. Check out www.hoshinbudo.com for more

KIT: I know a lot of people are feeling lost right now in a very confused world, any advice to help them overcome their personal challenges?

DM: The solution can only be found in personal accountability. Right now the grievances have a certain kind of people put out in the public for the world to feel guilty about. When in reality the excuse is the first thing that an individual will resort to you to disempower their free will and empower Circumstances that they cannot control. This is called the “victim mentality.” Am I saying that injustices don’t happen? Am I saying that innocent people don’t suffer because of others’ lack of consciousness or horrible decisions? No! What I am saying is that it’s popular to be a victim right now, and just a few years ago it was popular to believe in karma, it was popular to believe in the law of attraction. So remember don’t think about the things that you don’t want to happen in your life! Keep your mind on the things that you want in your life, take action to create the karma of what you want your life to become and set yourself free from the victim mentality. This message is for every human being.

KIT: Where can people follow you?


KIT: Special thanks?

DM: God, Mother Earth and all the Holy Spirits hero’s that speak the truth everyday!